You’re such a gem….

3 October 2016

Blog post

The production of my latest and biggest project has commenced. It’s a custom publication for the Jewelers of America about the state of the jewelry industry. It’s pretty darn rad and I’m pretty damn stoked to be the designer reviving this baby. It’s not been printed in several years so I’m hoping to do the publication some serious justice so the extensive hobnob recipient list rejoices.

It’s not often I get designer envy while I work. As in “omg the next image is prettier than the last” and so on and so forth. My project portal is flooded with gorgeous gems, diamonds and seriously awesome custom designed pieces by the world’s most elite jewelry designers. I’m in heaven, but it’s not going to bode well for my hubby! HA! Perhaps at the end of this project I will treat myself to something fancy…. nah… let’s be real, that won’t happen. But it’s lovely to dream!

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